Agenda 2014

Columbus Room

07:00-08:00: Registration and breakfast, courtesy of LivePerson
08:00-08:15: Welcome by host: Time Warner
08:15-08:45: CDO Talent Map 2014: David Mathison
David Mathison presents highlights from the 2nd annual CDO Talent Map:

● GROWTH: CDO growth doubled each year, from one in 2005 to 488 CDOs in 2013. This is projected to double again, to 1,000 by the end of 2014
● UPWARD MOBILITY: Of the 36% of CDOs who moved on to new roles, 77% became CEO, President, MD, Partner, Founder, or other C-Suite position
● CAREER PATH: 7 CDOs became CEO in 2013; 4 became Board members
● COMPENSATION: CDO salaries range from $250,000-$500,000, and up to $700,000, depending on sector, organization, region, and experience

David Mathison is the world’s leading authority on Chief Digital and Chief Data Officers. He has recently been quoted on CDOs by the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Computerworld, McKinsey & Company, MIT Sloan Management Review, CMS Wire, ZDNet, Fierce CIO, and I-CIO, among others.
09:00-09:45: A cross-industry look at digital leadership and strategies
This panel explores digital leadership across a variety of industries to identify the similarities and differences in strategy, approach, management, and execution.

It includes digital leaders from the consumer goods, information technology, advertising, and publishing sectors.

● David Mathison (Moderator): Curator, CDO Summit; Founder, CDO Club
● David Chivers: Chief Digital Officer at Jostens
● Chris Hooven: SVP of Sales and BD at OSF Global
● Jonathan Sackett: President and CEO at MashburnSackett
● David Shing: Digital Prophet at AOL
09:45-10:15: Mid-morning break
10:15-­11:00: Improving government and public engagement through digital innovation: A fireside chat with Rachel S. Haot
As Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Technology for New York State, Rachel S. Haot's focus is to realize Governor Cuomo's vision for NY State by improving the way that government and the public engage online, and supporting collaborative innovation with the technology community.

We'll discuss her current role and objectives, and explore her previous role as CDO of NYC under Mayor Bloomberg, where they delivered New York City's first Digital Roadmap in 2011.

Less than 3 years later, they had completed 100% of the objectives in the Roadmap, driven by investments in infrastructure, education, open government, online engagement and technology sector support.

Highlights include:
● Enabling 300,000 low-income residents to access the Internet and adopt service since the introduction of the first Digital Roadmap.
● Launching over 40 digital learning programs that have served over 1,000,000 New Yorkers to date, including Cornell Tech NYC on Roosevet Island.
● Expanding the NYC OpenData platform from 350 public data sets offered at launch to over 2,000.
● Relaunching a groundbreaking website and tripling the City's social media audience.
● Growing the City's technology sector to over 1,000 Made in NY technology companies.

We're delighted to have Rachel join us this year. Don't miss this one!

● Rachel S. Haot: CDO and Deputy Secretary of Technology at State of New York
● David Mathison (Moderator): Curator, CDO Summit; Founder, CDO Club
11:15-­12:15: Content and Storytelling: Is the PR Landscape Shifting?
From words to stories - Is content creation the the great equalizer for PR? Featuring:

● Linda Perry­Lube (moderator): Chief Digital Officer at RF|Binder
● Thomas Gensemer: Chief Strategy Officer at Burson­Marsteller
● David Richeson: Chief Digital Officer at Fenton Communications
● Steve Rubel: Chief Content Strategist at Edelman
● Scott Schneider: Chief Digital Officer at Ruder Finn
12:30-1:30: Lunch, courtesy of LivePerson
1:30- 2:00: Convert More Visitors to Customers – Secrets to High Impact Targeting, by Alon Waks at LivePerson
Best-in-class companies know the secret to converting high value visitors: You need to engage them at the moment they are most likely to convert, while they are still on your site.

Companies are re-inventing engagement strategies by moving away from treating website visitors with a “one size fits all” approach.

These companies are identifying high impact visitors the moment they click on the web site.

The secret to their success is in identifying, segmenting and targeting those who are high impact — shoppers with high shopping cart values, price comparison shoppers, shoppers who want to buy more but have questions — and engage each differently to convert them into lifetime customers.

Best-in-class companies who are able to engage live when the stakes are high have successfully converted more of their existing visitors by at least 20%, while increasing average order value by 35%.

Get your business ready for high stakes engagement today.
2:00-3:00: Increasing Consumer Relevance in Today’s Multi-Platform Digital Age
Today, broadcasters are challenged with increasing their relevance to consumers.

To do this, new business models must be created which combine linear TV with new products, platforms and distribution models.

While attention has been focused on the rise of non-traditional TV consumption such as online and on-demand services, consumption is growing across all platforms.

The primary question is how do you attract consumers across multiple platforms and unlock value and growth?

● Scott Swartz (moderator): Chief Executive Officer at MetraTech
● Marc DeBevoise: EVP & GM ­Entertainment, News & Sports at CBS Interactive
● Jeremy Legg: SVP, Business Development & Multiplatform Distribution at Turner Broadcasting System
● Mehul Nagrani: SVP & GM, Digital at Univision Communications, Inc
● Joe Ruffolo: SVP at ABC News Digital
3:15-4:15: The evolution of the CDO role at mission-driven nonprofits
This panel looks at the evolution of the CDO role at mission-driven organizations. We'll explore various techniques, best practices, and experiences from CDOs in the nonprofit space, and how they can be broadly applied across other sectors.

Some of the questions we'll pose include:
● Are you the "new" CDO, or have you been in place for a few years? How has your role changed, if at all?
● How are you using technology to meet your mission's goals?
● How can you get more data from your community, in order to use it to make better decisions, and more deeply engage your base of core supporters?
● How do you innovate in your own role, as well as in your organization?
● What is the best way to structure your team?

● David Mathison (Moderator): Curator, CDO Summit; Founder, CDO Club
● Rajesh Anandan: SVP at UNICEF Ventures
● Cammie Croft: Deputy Executive Director, Chief Digital and Communications Officer at Amnesty International
● Jay Geneske: Director of Digital at the Rockefeller Foundation
● Coppy Holzman: CEO at charitybuzz
● Elizabeth Scott: Chief Media and Digital Officer at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
● Laxmi Wordham: Chief Digital Officer at Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
4:15-4:30: Connecting to the Live Happy Movement with Kym Yancey
Happiness is more than a good thing, it's also an incredibly smart way to live!

Learn why every aspect of your business and personal success is tied to your relationship with Happiness, and how you can align yourself with the biggest emerging player in the happiness space.

Find out why the science behind happiness is a game-changer, with Kym Yancey, CEO & Co-Founder of Live Happy and co-founder of the eWomenNetwork.
4:30-5:00: Mid-afternoon break
5:00-5:45: Featured speaker Ken Kragen: How to Accomplish the Impossible
Chief Digital Officers are often tasked with overwhelming challenges.

This presentation by Ken Kragen will show participants how to “accomplish the impossible,” and actually make the impossible seem ordinary!

Ken Kragen is the creator and producer of "We Are the World," "Hands Across America," "NetAid," and portions of "LiveAid"

Ken will show us:
● Some of the marketing techniques he used to get 6½ million people to hold hands in one continuous line from Battery Park in New York through 17 states to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.
● A behind-the-scenes look at the recording of “We Are the World.”
● Why Thorton Wilder was correct when he said “Every great thing balances on the razor edge of disaster.”
● He’ll also share a concept called “The Magic of Threes” that can be used immediately in business and personal life to get people’s attention and sell them anything.

Ken Kragen’s extraordinary background is legendary in the music, performing arts, and philanthropic fields.

His achievements include creating and organizing the historic humanitarian projects "We Are the World," which became the biggest selling record of all time, raising over $64 million for humanitarian aid, and the "Hands Across America" campaign, which raised $34 million to fight hunger and poverty.

He is also known for his management of globally celebrated artists including Harry Chapin, Lionel Richie, Trisha Yearwood, Olivia Newton John, the Bee Gees, and Kenny Rogers, among others.

Kragen is one of the very few private citizens to be awarded the United Nation’s Peace Medal, has been honored by the NAACP, the Los Angeles Advertising Women, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

He has received two MTV awards, the American Music Award and several Emmy Nominations.

You won't want to miss this presentation!
6:00-7:00: Network Cocktail Reception, courtesy of ObjectFrontier Software

Tower East: Workshops

10:00-11:00: How Mobile & Digital Affect Corporate Infrastructure & Hierarchies by Jose L Tamez of Mobile Search Partners
Mobile and Digital present huge new opportunities for companies.

However, its growth, and the speed that accompanies it, brings about several internal challenges for today’s corporations.

Hear how Mobile and Digital initiatives are being set up for failure. Why companies who are wedded to their standard processes will be encumbered by them.

Jose L Tamez will share experiences and counsel on why companies of all sizes should reframe their approach to absorbing and executing Mobile and Digital.
11:15-12:15: Social Media for Busy CDOs, by Joel Comm
With social media playing such an important role in relationship building, customer care and business growth, how is the busy CDO to make their way through the seemingly endless stream of sites and content?

In this special workshop, New York Times Best-Selling author of Twitter Power 2.0, Joel Comm, will demonstrate the benefits of leveraging the social sites in a simple, yet powerful, way.

You'll walk away with an action plan that will enhance your ability to be social without sacrificing your time… or your soul.
12:30-1:30: Lunch, courtesy of LivePerson
2:00-3:00: The Business of Innovation: How to be a Successful Intrapreneur, by David Gaspar at DDG
To lead an innovation practice at a large corporation (a.k.a “Intrapreneur”) requires a specific approach that allows for truly transformational ideas to flourish within the confines of existing corporate structure and processes.

In this session we will demonstrate how to:
• Create new products/services/initiatives that are both transformational and fit into existing structures / practices
• Position this approach to multiple internal stakeholders, including sr. leadership
• Be aware of typical stumbling blocks and best practices through first hand case studies across industries

You will leave this session with a clearly defined set of tactics that will increase the likelihood of your success at driving demonstrable innovation at your company.
3:15-4:15: Creativity: The key to Innovation and Increasing Your Bottom Line, by Elizabeth Bryan
In an IBM survey of 1500 top CEOS from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide, the majority of chief executives believe that employee creativity is more desirable than management discipline, integrity or even vision.

Up your creative ante by getting away from technology - at least for one hour!

Through the latest principles of neuroscience and art therapy, this hands-on workshop offered by best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul author/artist Elizabeth Bryan shares principles and techniques that will ramp up creativity in even the most left-brained individuals.

Bryan draws on a lifelong career as a successful artist and regular teacher at the world renowned Golden Door Spa.

It’s time to discover:
• The neural correlate to insight
• How to generate increased states of creativity
• The concept of thought pattern “disruption” and embracing mistakes as a precursor to insight

You will leave this workshop with tools for creativity and innovation that will literally change the way you think and act, improving bottom lines in business and in life.

Tower West: Exhibit Hall

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Columbus Room

07:00-8:00: Networking breakfast, courtesy of Adobe
08:00-08:45: From CDO to CEO: Digital executives share career strategies
As discovered in the CDO Talent Map 2014, last year seven CDOs became CEO, and four became Board Directors. What's driving the CDO to CEO career path? How can CDOs make the transition to CEO? What skills are required?

In this session, we talk with executives who successfully made the transition from CDO to CEO. We're joined on the panel with Jay Rosenzweig, an executive search professional who specializes in CEO and Board Director placements.

● David Mathison (Moderator): Curator, CDO Summit; Founder, CDO Club
● Mike Geiger: President & Chief Integration Officer at JWT. Former CDO at Goodby Silverstein
● Jay Rosenzweig: Founding Partner, Rosenzweig & Company Executive Recruitment
● Jonathan Sackett: President and CEO at MashburnSackett
● Chan Suh: Chief Digital Officer and Senior Partner at Prophet
09:00-9:40: Keynote with Sree Sreenivasan and Perry Hewitt: Digital Transformation in the Arts and Education
This "digital duet" keynote features Sree Sreenivasan of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Perry Hewitt of Harvard University discussing digital transformation in the Arts and Education.

The session will be moderated by Eric Hellweg of the Harvard Business Review.

● Sree Sreenivasan: Chief Digital Officer at Metropolitan Museum of Art
● Perry Hewitt: Chief Digital Officer at Harvard University
● Eric Hellweg (moderator): Managing Director, Digital Strategy; Editorial Director at Harvard Business Review
09:40-10:00: Mid-morning break
10:00-11:00: Advertising Panel: The Consumer Journey, From Invitation to Activation
● Angela Wei (moderator): Managing Director at AGENCY (Milk Studios)
● Winston Binch: Partner/Chief Digital Officer at Deutsch LA
● Chick Foxgrover: CDO at American Association of Advertising Agencies
● Carl Fremont: Chief Digital Officer at MEC Global
● Babs Rangaiah: VP, Global Media Innovation and Ventures at Unilever
● Chan Suh: CDO and Senior Partner at Prophet
11:15-12:15: From Insights to Engagement: Using data analysis to drive deeper customer engagement
How to turn your data insights into deeper customer engagement
● David Mathison (Moderator): Curator, CDO Summit; Founder, CDO Club
● Ganesh Bell: Chief Digital Officer & GM, Commercial Software & Analytics at GE
● Greg Daniel: Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Nielsen
● Ben Edwards: VP, Global Communications and Digital Marketing at IBM
● Carl D. Marci, MD: Chair & Chief Science Officer at Innerscope Research
12:30-1:30: Lunch, courtesy of Adobe
1:30-2:00 Digital Marketing Reinvented, by Jennifer Cooper and Michael Goldstein of Adobe
Today’s consumer expects to fully control their experience. Whether it's a tablet, smartphone, OTT or laptop, the confines of traditional media are gone.

Keeping up with consumers today requires leveraging the vast amounts of data, and delivering compelling content and high value advertising experiences across all “glass."

Adobe will explore how large enterprises are maturing and organizing to deal with this transformation.
2:00-3:00: The Entertainment Ecosystem
● Kristen O’Hara (moderator): Chief Marketing Officer at Time Warner Inc.
● Kristin Frank: EVP Connected Content Group MTV, VH1, CMT, LOGO at Viacom
● Thomas Gewecke: EVP & CDO, Strategy & Business Dev at Warner Bros
● Lisa Hsia: EVP at Bravo Digital Media
● Dan Suratt: EVP of Digital Media & Business Development at A+E Networks
3:00-3:30: Mid-afternoon break
3:30-4:30: Publishers Going Global: Opportunities and Challenges
With the changes in technology driving global audiences, the panelists will investigate the benefits of being a dominant national digital publisher versus a global brand.

Panelists will investigate:

● What changes should traditional and non-traditional companies expect in their global customer base over the next few years?
● How will these shifts shape future revenue models?
● When it comes to social media, should you have a single brand presence, or create a number of tailored presences for different audiences?
● How can you use mobile to build and monetize a global audience?

● Daniel Heaf (moderator): Chief Digital Officer at BBC WW
● John Cantarella: Former President of Digital, News & Sports at Time Inc.
● Ro Gupta: VP of Business Development at DISQUS
● Eric Hellweg: Managing Director, Digital Strategy; Editorial Director at Harvard Business Review
● David Payne: Chief Digital Officer at Gannett Co., Inc.
● Justin Tobin: Founder at DDG Inc.
5:00-6:00: Network Cocktail Reception

Tower East: Workshops

10:00-11:00: Using Crowdsourcing to Gain Vision & Velocity in Digital Innovation – An Internet of Things Case Study and Live Demonstration of Crowdsourcing by [topcoder] (Appirio)
As the CDO & CMO continue to emerge as the digital innovation lead for the enterprise, new challenges centered in technology prowess have arisen.

Do you, as the CDO, have to personally be a seasoned technologist to create amazing digital interfaces that matter to your users? Or do you have to simply rely on IT and hope they deliver for your business?

Or is there a better way to build new digital assets, on-demand, that puts you in control of your digital innovation destiny?

Join Mike Martoccia, Director of Strategic Innovation of Brivo Labs and Mike Morris, GM of [topcoder]TM as they discuss how Brivo Labs created never before envisioned interfaces for mobile, wearable tech and more in the incredibly hot Internet of Things space through crowdsourcing challenges on [topcoder].

Mike Morris will also showcase the outputs of a mobile design challenge that was launched live on Day 1 of the CDO event.

Come learn how to accelerate your digital vision through crowdsourcing.
11:15-12:15: From Cost Center to Profit Center: Redefining the 2nd Screen, by Chuck Parker: SVP, Media at Brightcove
The 2nd screen is rapidly becoming the 1st screen, and with that change in direction comes the larger issue of disparity between advertising revenues and broadcast and subscription based models.

Publishers and advertisers alike are actively trying to leverage the ad capabilities of the 2nd screen platforms which enable targeted advertising, interactive ads and the ability to disseminate through social media.

As the future of television moves to the second screen, the way advertising is produced, inserted and purchased is changing.

Join us for this technology spotlight around the rapidly evolving landscape of television, the 2nd screen and advertising.
12:30-1:30: Lunch, courtesy of Adobe
2:00-3:00: Leveraging Global Talent: Imagine Talent Without Borders, by Atul Vashistha, Chair and CEO at Neo Group
The war for talent with digital skills is on. How do you decide what talent to source? Where to source that talent? Who to source it from? How to manage it?​

Globalization expert, advisor and author, Atul Vashistha, Neo Group CEO, knows the business objectives and challenges common to CDO's across the industries, and shares his experience and advice on how Global Talent can be leveraged to meet these objectives and address these challenges.

Hear firsthand from Ashish Malhotra, VP of Global IT Workforce Management at Time Warner, on how Time Warner and Neo Group collaborated on broadening the scope of talent acquisition to a global framework.

Learn how to unleash creativity and speed up innovation by tapping into global talent.​
3:15-4:15: Digital Asset Management

Tower West: Exhibit Hall

08:00-09:00: Open
09:00-10:00: Closed
10:00-5:00: Open
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